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Game Free fighters Sity Rescue
Game Free fighters Sity Rescue
uploaded: 2013-10-21
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Game description (machine translation):
Many still at school dream of becoming a firefighter. This brave profession inspires everyone, although perhaps the daily work in the majority of cases, the fire was much doctors and snimanii cats from trees, but what they are saving lives remains unchanged.u000du000aSo, in this game to try this challenging role-the role of the fireman. You'll be head of the fire brigade in the town of Èmbervil′, and you will be level by level to douse the flames from burning buildings and people. In this game you will be able to imagine what is.u000du000aThe game is quite complex, but has a number of tricks that you can use to overcome all the levels. Push-to-5 and a long stream of water to quickly stop any flame or even wash away the barrier on your path. But don't forget-it's fire and the exits can close the fire and fill up the crash.
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downloads per month - 83 | total downloads - 3848 | rating - 4.25 | votes - 4
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