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Download грейджо game Spider Man 3 for mobile phones

Game Spider Man 3
Game Spider Man 3
uploaded: 2013-10-21
in section: |Games Active|
to screen: 240x320 |change in the main|
»» game for the грейджо platform
Game description (machine translation):
The idea of the game as always zatâgivaûŝe is simple-you run and jump around the city, preventing all sorts of zavaruški and happily exist peacefully bandits. They start to get angry, screaming, tearing their hair out, trying to catch you and stuff. but not far from it, you like the nickname Spider-man, and it's so cool! Before the game, practice in front of a mirror to produce the Web of the hand. "you have to not only compete against many enemies, but also to defeat the black Spider, a wicked side is the main character! Spider-man must fight the gangs of thugs, and the unrest caused by the Green Goblin and Sandmenom everywhere in New York. Use your skill and agility to stop villains! • more than 10 special movements;u000a • The ability to crawl on vertical and horizontal surfaces;u000a • Superpryžka • Vystrelivaûŝaâ Web, throwing objects, acrobatic stunts;u000a • Various bonuses, multiple difficulty levels;u000a • Punches and kicks, including combos;u000a • Beautiful graphics, creating an atmosphere of comic book and movie;u000a • Fascinating dynamic gameplay, allowing the player to feel like a superhero
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downloads per month - 369 | total downloads - 32456 | rating - 4.62 | votes - 13
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