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Download грейджо game Ancient Towers of Sarun for mobile phones

Game Ancient Towers of Sarun
Game Ancient Towers of Sarun
uploaded: 2013-10-21
in section: |Games Active|
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Game description (machine translation):
Catch the evil demon and save the world from destruction and suffering that it inflicted on the forces of evil. u000du000aThe malevolent demon loaded up the world into darkness. And there is only one spell that can captivate the demon. Only the bravest and strongest Warrior will be able to use this spell. But the same spell in the hands of the wrong person could plunge the world into darkness forever. The ancient Druids, who, aware of this danger. So the magic scroll was split into 9 parts and hidden in 9 different towers. You must piece together the parchment and utter a spell to end the scourge. u000du000aThis arcade game with elements of action movie will immerse you in a time when people believed in magic. And you believe that you can save the world from the demon. You have to crawl on the nine towers, jump on the platforms, search for secret doors and destroy hundreds of monsters.
For screen 240x320 of this game is not!
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downloads per month - 57 | total downloads - 4062 | rating - 2.57 | votes - 14
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» 176x208 (jad)» 176x208 (jar)
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