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Game Heroes
Game Heroes
uploaded: 2013-10-21
in section: |Games Active|
to screen: 240x320 |change in the main|
»» game for the грейджо platform
Game description (machine translation):
When the total eclipse plunges the Earth into darkness, Professor-genetics in India, worried father's disappearance, opens the secret theory-for people with super powers, living among us: a young dreamer tries to convince his brother, a policy that can fly. Participant of the school support team learns that it cannot cause any physical injury. A stripper from Las Vegas, has struggled trying to make ends meet, to give their young son, discovers that the mirror is hidden the mystery.u000du000aA talented artist, whose drug addiction destroys his life and his relationship with a girl, can draw on the pictures. In Los Angeles, a former COP-loser can read people's thoughts, that draws it on the trail of the elusive serial killer. In Japan, the young man with the ability to stop time, force alone will. All they have to save the world from global cataclysm
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downloads per month - 309 | total downloads - 23633 | rating - 3.13 | votes - 30
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